ARCTIC Recalls Batches of Defective MX-5 Thermal Compound

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.01.2022 23:46:03
Press Release

ARCTIC releases information regarding certain batches of ARCTIC MX-5 premium thermal compound that contain anomalies in consistency and shelf life. These defective ARCTIC M5-X thermal pastes would have premature hardening which may lead to difficulty in application or worse - adverse effects when used. With that, ARCTIC recalls affected batches of the said product. Users that may have purchased one from these batches can have it returned or replaced. To request a return or replacement, please use the contact form here:

Official Statement from ARCTIC

For ARCTIC, it has always been a top priority to supply customers only with products of the best quality and durability. Should there ever be any doubts about products we’ve delivered, we stand by our responsibility to our customers.

Current findings from our permanent quality assurance tests show that certain batches of our MX-5 thermal compound contain anomalies in consistency and shelf life. The affected products show an increased separation of oil within the paste, resulting in premature hardening. This can lead to adverse effects and application difficulties.

Affected batches have already been identified and recalled from circulation so that no further affected product can enter the market. We regret that this quality defect could not be detected before delivery to distributors and customers, despite constant quality controls and diligent care during production.

Affected MX-5 thermal compounds can of course be returned without exception, and we will offer a replacement product.


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