Cooler Master Announces CK720 65% Mechanical Keyboard with Hot-Swappable Switches

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Cooler Master presents the CK720 65% mechanical gaming keyboard, an improved version of the CK721 65% mechanical gaming keyboard with the addition of hot-swappable switches designed for customization. The keyboard comes bundled with Kaihl Box V2 switches along with eight extra CHERRY MX Green switches.The CK720 65% mechanical gaming keyboard is available in Silver White and Gunmetal colours.

Press Release
Cooler Master has announced the CK720, a mechanical keyboard designed to be customized with hot-swappable switches.

The CK720 is the company’s first mechanical keyboard designed for customization at an enthusiast level, especially designed for those who build and collect mechanical keyboards.

“The CK720 is our answer to a niche segment of the hobby that we’ve seen explode in recent years,” says Dennis Liu, Peripheral General Manager. “Although gaming keyboards remain an essential offering of our company, we couldn’t ignore the outpouring of feedback from our fans who wanted our signature quality in a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard.”

Building on the compact 65% format of the CK721 gaming keyboard, the CK720 implements several new features that enable fans to change everything from typing feel to appearance to sound.

This includes Kailh Box V2 switches pre-installed out of the box, known for their smoothness, consistent quality, and satisfying sound. If users don’t like them, switches are hot-swappable and can be easily removed and replaced with switches of their choosing without the need for a soldering gun.

In addition, the CK720 sports several quality-of-life improvements to get more smoothness and preferred sound signature out of the board: new Cooler Master stabilizers, pre-lubed for minimal rattle and smooth travel; and silicone padding on the PCB and filling the bottom plate, which absorbs hollow ping and enables a fuller, more satisfying thock or clack.

“We’re huge fans of custom-built mechanical keyboards ourselves, so we wanted to make sure the CK720 is a great stepping stone into the hobby,” says Liu. “Whether you like smooth linear switches with maximum thock, or a sharp tactile typing feel with a marbly sound, the CK720 has the ability to achieve it.”

Pricing and Availability
The Cooler Master CK720 65% mechanical gaming keyboard is now available for pre-order in the United States via Amazon for USD99.99, releasing on October 25, 2022.

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