Cooler Master Introduces MasterBox 540 and MB600L V2 Cases

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Cooler Master launches the MasterBox 540 and MasterBox MB600L V2 to expand the series line-up. The duality in aesthetics address lighting-oriented builds for the ethereal MasterBox 540, while the MB600L V2 provides a minimalistic build theme.

Cooler Master MasterBox 540

A vivid, iridescent design spans the entire front panel of the MasterBox 540. Customizable ARGB strips radiate behind the transparent façade for a stunning display of light. The ARGB strips can be set to match the colour scheme of the system inside with an included controller, and will also sync to the motherboard for a limitless potential for customization.

MasterBox 540 Features
ARGB Ether Front Panel
Standardized ARGB Connector & Controller Included
Removable Top Panel
Rich Connectivity
Screwless & Tool-Free Design TG Side Panel
Versatile Cooling Options
Room For Upgrades
Breathable Power Supply Shroud

MasterBox MB600L V2

Each element of the MasterBox MB600L was created from an elegant palette. With a brushed finish, subtle hue, and the minimalistic Cooler Master hexagon, this ATX PC case decorates the gaming setup and workspace while also being able to house the latest hardware.

The MasterBox MB600L comes in four variants – solid side panel with ODD bay (MB600L2-KN5N-S00), tempered glass side panel with ODD bay (MB600L2-KG5N-S00), solid side panel without ODD bay (MB600L2-KGNN-S00), and tempered glass side panel without ODD bay (MB600L2-KNNN-S00).

MasterBox MB600L V2 Features
Brushed Front Panel
Hexagon Gleam
Mesh Intakes
With/Without ODD Support
Versatile Cooling Options
Breathable Power Supply Shroud
Room for Upgrades
Removable HDD Cage

Cooler Master did not reveal pricing for the two cases as of this writing. To learn more, please visit the product page links below.
Cooler Master MasterBox 540
Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2

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