Cooler Master Summer Summit: New Cases and Case Accessories

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Cooler Master presents new cases and cases accessories at the Cooler Master Summer Summit. The new cases include new colours for the popular Cooler Master NR200P mini-ITX chassis and a new HAF Series chassis. Other new cases include the MasterBox 500 and MasterBox TD300 Mesh. New case accessories include a PCIe Gen4 Riser Cable for the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-Series and Radeon 6000-Series graphics cards and a Vertical Graphics Card Holder Ver 2.0 for Cooler Master cases.

Cooler Master HAF500

Cooler Master revives the HAF Series with the new HAF500 high-airflow chassis designed for maximum airflow and peak performance. It features support for up to four 200mm fans – having two pre-installed ARGB 200mm fans at the front. It has a 120mm fan position on top of the HDD cage – a cooling feature common to older case models. Unlike the older models like the HAF X and HAF 932, the HAF500 doesn’t have a 200mm cooling fan on its side panel. Cooler Master sticks to the trend of putting a solid tempered glass side panel to the HAF500. Hence, the HAF500 is still under development and the brand seeks collaboration from the community in creating the new and modern HAF Series chassis.

The Cooler Master HAF500 will be offered in black and white colours.

Cooler Master NR200P MAX

The NR200P MAX is debuting as a standalone product comparable to a barebones system, also Cooler Master's first iteration of the MAX line. The Cooler Master NR200P MAX features a few upgrades and aesthetic improvements. The mini-ITX chassis will come fitted with a power supply and a liquid cooling thermal solution - designed to deliver superb cooling and power delivery to support high-end configurations. The NR200P MAX chassis and a thermal solution will be given a 2-year warranty while the pre-installed power supply is backed with a 10-year warranty.

New Colours for Cooler Master NR200P Mini-ITX Chassis

The popular Cooler Master NR200P mini-ITX chassis is getting four new fresh and vibrant colours - Flamingo Pink, Caribbean Blue, Sunset Orange, and Nightshade Purple. The new colour models will have the same specifications and layout as the standard version. The new colour models are limited editions. Availability may vary per region.

Model Numbers:
MCB-NR200P-PCNN-S00 (NR200P Nightshade Purple)
MCB-NR200P-OCNN-S00 (NR200P Sunset Orange)
MCB-NR200P-ACNN-S00 (NR200P Caribbean Blue)
MCB-NR200P-QCNN-S00 (NR200P Flamingo Pink)

Cooler Master MasterBox 500

The MasterBox 500 features a futuristic geometric facade embellished with ARGB circuit vector designs. The chassis component support has been upgraded to accommodate a wider array of cooling solutions. The top and side panels are easily removable, allowing for greater access and ease during installation, maintenance, and upgrades.

The MasterBox 500 has a FineMesh front panel for maximum airflow and addressable RGB lighting. The case also features a removable top panel like the HAF500 allowing easy access to the interior for installation and troubleshooting.

Cooler Master MasterBox TD300 Mesh

The TD300 Mesh is the smaller version of the TD500 Mesh chassis. The MasterBox TD300 Mesh is a micro-ATX model featuring the same polygonal mesh design as its bigger version. The front panel uses the same Cooler Master FineMesh technology that allows maximum airflow. The chassis comes with pre-installed ARGB SickleFlow fans and a removable top panel for easy access to the interior.

PCIe Gen4 Riser Cable

The Cooler Master Riser Cable PCIe 4.0 x16 – is designed for greater data transmission efficiency, maximum flexibility, and durability. The PCIe Gen4 Riser Cable features an ultra-durable PCB construction with superb moisture resistance and flexibility. It comes with gold-plated pin connectors and heavy-duty shielding for excellent data transfer.

Vertical Graphics Card Holder Version 2.0

The Cooler Master Universal Graphics Card Holder Kit Version 2 has been upgraded to include a PCIe 4.0 riser cable, allowing full compatibility across hardware components. It fits all standard ATX chassis with 7 PCI slots.

Learn more about Cooler Master’s new cases and case accessories at the Cooler Master Summer Summit virtual exhibit.

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