COUGAR Introduces PURI MINI and PURI MINI RGB 60% Keyboards

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.08.2022 17:48:25

COUGAR Gaming introduces PURI MINI and PURI MINI RGB compact 60% mechanical gaming keyboards. Designed to appeal to minimalists with their compact form factor, the PURI MINI and PURI MINI RGB keyboards save a lot of space and provide the bare minimum that gamers need for a competitive gaming setup. Both keyboards are fitted with Gateron mechanical switches, with linear Gateron Red and clicky Gateron Blue switch options. The PURI MINI RGB keyboard is fitted with durable doubleshot PBT keycaps while the PURI MINI is fitted with doubleshot PBT DSA profile keycaps. Both keyboards use a detachable USB-C cable. Lastly, the keyboards come with a magnetic protective cover that users can put on while the keyboard is not in use to protect the keyboard from dust, spills, scratches, and other elements.

The PURI MINI and PURI MINI RGB are compact 60% form factor keyboards created with skilled craftsmanship, premium materials, and a minimalist design. The keyboards are fitted with Gateron switches, Blue and Red options, offering stability and durability reliable switches guarantee 50 million keystrokes. The Gateron Red switches are lubricated for a smoother tactile experience. The COUGAR PURI MINI features an immersive RGB underglow with 6 RGB light effects. On the other hand, the COUGAR PURI MINI RGB also has the same RGB underglow but comes with 14 RGB light effects to choose from.

The COUGAR PURI MINI and PURI MINI RGB keyboards feature the new COUGAR PIX software for RGB lighting customization, setting up macros, and other tweaks.

COUGAR did not reveal pricing for both keyboards as of this writing. To learn more, please visit the product page links below.
COUGAR PURI MINI 60% Gaming Keyboard
COUGAR PURI MINI RGB 60% Gaming Keyboard

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