EKWB Announces Full Compatibility with LGA 1200 Socket

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Press Release

EKWB is happy to announce that all current LGA 115X compatible CPU water blocks are also compatible with the new Intel LGA 1200 socket for the 10th generation Intel Core processors. The new socket was launched along with the Z490 motherboards. EKWB’s compatible products are Intel versions of the EK-Supremacy Classic, EK-Quantum Velocity, and EK-Quantum Magnitude 115X water blocks. The LGA 1200 follows the 75x75mm spacing for its cooler mounting hole pattern which is identical with the older Intel LGA 115X sockets.

The LGA 1200 socket comes with 1200 protruding pins to make contact with the pads on the 10th generation Intel Core processors, 49 extra pins compared to the LGA 1151 socket. The 10th generation Intel Core processors place the die lower but a thicker IHS compensates the height difference to give it an identical height to the LGA 115X series processors. Hence, this makes the LGA 115X blocks compatible with the new socket. However, EKWB warns builders that intend to use direct die cooling on delidded 10th generation Intel Core processors with regards to the die height differences.

LGA 1200 Compatible CPU Water Block Lineup

Several different versions of the EK-Quantum Velocity and EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU water blocks are available and guaranteed to be LGA 1200 compatible:

- EK-Quantum Magnitude 115X Series
- EK-Quantum Velocity Series
- EK-Supremacy Classic

EKWB-Cooled 10th Generation Intel Core CPU Build

Source: EKWB

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