EPOS H6PRO Series Gaming Headset Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅06.10.2021 15:54:17
Press Release

EPOS introduces the flagship H6PRO Series gaming headsets available in H6PRO CLOSED and H6PRO OPEN acoustic gaming headsets. The EPOS H6PRO Series delivers exceptional, natural, and expansive high-fidelity audio for the ultimate gaming audio experience - in both open and closed acoustic variants. Boasting powerful sound, intuitive, detachable boom arms, durable materials, long-lasting comfort, and more. The EPOS H6PRO CLOSED and EPOS H6PRO OPEN gaming acoustic headsets are compatible with Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The H6PRO CLOSED and H6PRO OPEN share some key features such as the 2-axis hinge design, lift-to-mute detachable mic boom with a studio-quality microphone. The H6PRO CLOSED weighs at 322 grams while the H6PRO OPEN is lighter at 309 grams. The H6PRO CLOSED and H6PRO OPEN provides superior quality components and an ergonomic volume wheel on the right ear cup, enabling quick audio adjustments on the fly. Both headsets come with PC and console analog cables and two cover plates for detached boom arm.


The EPOS H6PRO CLOSED is designed to provide high-performance audio for competitive gamers. Its design is built from the success of the GAME ZERO and GSP 600 closed acoustic series headsets with its superior passive noise reduction so you can focus on the game. The EPOS H6PRO CLOSED is tuned to deliver a dynamic, powerful sound all without compromising accuracy.


The EPOS H6PRO OPEN is designed to deliver natural and high-fidelity audio with its open-back design. It has an immersive, open, and expansive soundstage. Boasting natural and realistic game audio, the open acoustic headset delivers the finest audio across the full frequency spectrum, with minimal listening fatigue. For gamers who want to have a high-end and natural audio experience or play in quiet surroundings, the EPOS H6PRO OPEN does it all while making no sacrifices.

Price and Availability
The EPOS H6PRO CLOSED and H6PRO OPEN gaming headsets are available in Sebring Black, Racing Green, and Ghost White. Each model has a suggested retail price of US$179 /149.00. The EPOS H6PRO Series is now available at the EPOS Store on Amazon and Amazon UK

Learn more about the EPOS H6PRO Series at EPOS Audio.