👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅11-06-20

Product on Review: EPOS GAME ZERO
Manufacturer: EPOS
Street Price: GBP £159 / USD $169 / AUS $259

Back in March, Sennheiser rebranded their gaming arm of the business to EPOS, part of a joint venture with Demant, a world-leading audio and hearing technology group that employs more than 14,000 people. Until EPOS have developed their own entire portfolio, current gaming headsets will share the Sennheiser and EPOS branding.

EPOS have provided us with the GAME ZERO for evaluation, a gaming headset that promises ultimate audio accuracy and clarity. Featuring a closed acoustic design provided by the custom-made painted steel ear cup grids, the GAME ZERO allows you to hear the faintest details with absolute precision.

Multi-platform compatibility is offered via interchangeable cables allowing you to use the headset with your mobile phone or tablet (3.5mm jack depending), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and any other device featuring a 4-pole 3.5mm jack.

Equipped with triple-layered memory-foam leatherette ear pads to keep audio in and external noises out, the GAME ZERO assures no-one will hear what you’re listening to, nor will you hear them. They’re also uniquely shaped to ensure a snug and comfortable seal all around the ear.

The headset sports many more fancy features but we’ll touch on those later in the review, for now we’ll chuck some music, films and games at the headset and see how it does.

The combination of remarkable design, padding materials and memory foam ensures that the GAME ZERO is great at passive noise cancellation. No outside noise enters the headset due to fitted ear pads and you can be assured that those around you will not hear your game either.

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