EVGA SR-X: Now With Even More Heatsinks

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13.02.2012 22:47:33

Exactly a month ago EVGA were showing a late engineering sample of their dual-CPU SR-2 motherboard, which will utilise 2-way Xeon versions of Intel's Sandy Bridge-E CPUs. Today they used the @TeamEVGA twitter account to tease an image which appears to be an SR-X with retail livery.

The high resolution shot also allows us to make out the switch selectors near to the PWR and Reset switches. As you would expect, seven are for disabling PCI-E lanes; the additional two groups of four appear to allow you to selectively activate individual DIMM channels. Both of these features will be an absolute godsend for isolating faults on graphics cards and memory in water cooled systems, and are a great addition to the enthusiast board.

More information will be available 'Soon', which we could take to mean CeBIT2012 or additional announcements over Twitter in the mean time.

Source: @TeamEVGA Twitter Status Update

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