Exist2Game kicks off first gaming event nationwide with CS:GO tournament

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30.09.2013 11:08:48

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of attending Exist2Game – a new gaming event to hit the UK. Hosted at multiple stores around the UK, we attended Box.co.uk to report on this exciting new affair.

Across the country, in each store, groups of gamers were battling it out on CS:GO. The idea being that each store had their representative team to compete against another store in the UK, the end goal: £500 and an IIyama monitor for each player in the winning team.

Plantronics and Iiyama kindly sponsored the gaming PCs which were used for the tournament sessions.

Box.co.uk’s CS Team battling it out in the first round

Combined with the tournament, each store had the opportunity to promote and celebrate gaming. Box.co.uk had clearly spent a lot of time kitting their shop floor with various systems so that those visiting the store could experience the hardware and games first-hand.

Box.co.uk had two rather significant features within the store which captured lots of attention. In Win had kindly supplied one of their spectacular, special edition Tou computer cases, which uses an aluminium frame and 3mm tempered, tinted glass.

In Win Tou, highly reflective!

MSI’s Dragon – modded 900D powering F1 game

Another impressive computer system stood beside Tou – MSI’s notorious Dragon rig. This outstanding setup uses a modified Corsair 900D and at its very core, Intel Core i7-4770K with MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming motherboard. With the help of NVIDIA’s GTX 780 in SLI, this system powered the Formula One game which was running on an Iiyama triple monitor display. This rig also featured a modded Thrustmaster T500 RS. Box.co.uk were on-hand again to give the fastest lap time a shiny new Apple Ipod Nano.

Thrustmaster’s T500 RS transforms the racing experience

All in all, for the first inauguration of Exist2Game, the event was certainly very well received nationwide. We’d like to thank Box.co.uk for showing us around their store and we look forward to future events!

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