GeForce Releases Call of Duty: Warzone Game Ready Driver

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NVIDIA releases the latest version of the GeForce Game Ready Driver that will deliver day-one optimizations and enhancements for the newly launched Call of Duty: Warzone. Warzone is a new free-to-play massive combat arena with up to 150 players divided into squads with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s signature gameplay. The game features two modes: a Battle Royale mode and a new Plunder mode. NVIDIA’s new Game Ready Driver aims to ensure NVIDIA GeForce RTX users to reach 144 FPS when combined with a capable high-refresh-rate G-SYNC monitor. High framerates give gamers a competitive edge in gaming with less latency, smoother gameplay, and cleaner and sharper visuals.

Call of Duty: Warzone Official Trailer

NVIDIA lists the system requirements for Call of Duty: Warzone below for NVIDIA GeForce-powered gaming PCs.

In addition to delivering those day-one optimizations and improvements for Warzone, it’s recommended that gamers install today’s driver, and the included version of GeForce Experience, to automatically capture and record your best moments with NVIDIA Highlights. To enable Highlights, load GeForce Experience before you boot Warzone, enter the settings, and ensure “In-Game Overlay” is on. Then load Warzone, and you’ll be prompted to activate Highlights.

And at the end of matches and your session, you can review Highlights, trim and edit, and upload to YouTube and social media. Alternatively, access them via GeForce Experience’s Gallery at any time by pressing Alt+Z.

Call of Duty: Warzone GeForce Game Ready Driver Download

Users can now download the new GeForce Game Ready 442.59 WHQL driver for Call of Duty: Warzone through GeForce Experience, NVIDIA’s free, game-enhancing application, which records, streams gameplay, and more. Simply navigate to the Drivers tab and click the big green button to download and install. The Game Ready Driver can also be manually downloaded at

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