Genesis Introduce Their Neon 750 RGB Headset

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅17.06.2021 23:41:07

This week Genesis are adding a new member to their burgeoning selection of gaming peripherals, this time focussing on the headset segment. The Neon 750 RGB is the latest member of the mid-range Neon headsets, taking the flagship spot in this narrow band due to a selection of relatively high-end features and components included in the design. It will go on sale in the coming days with an MSRP of approximately 54.99 / US$65.99, offering a design that's markedly distinct from the $39.99 Neon 600 RGB.

Attempting to live up to a flagship position is tough, but by using premium leather on both the ear muffs and the connecting band the Neon 750 RGB tries to do just that. These materials should offer some long-term durability and limited breathability for those long gaming sessions, as well as comfort compared to more sweaty synthetic covers. Adding to the headset's overall durability will be braided cabling on the main stretch into the headset.

As the name doubly-implies, the Neon 750 RGB has lighting as a central theme. The headset includes their RGB Prismo tech, backlighting the logo on each ear can with vibrant illumination. Illumination settings are controlled via an in-line remote control that doubles as a volume controller and mic mute button.

The Genesis Neon 750 RGB is equipped with 50 mm transducers for immersive stereo sound, similar to the Neon 600 RGB. The microphone is both pose-able and detachable, not only adding to its versatility but also helping the owner pack it away for transport to and from LAN events.

PC connectivity however is a little in-elegant. Power for the headphones and RGB lighting is supplied via a USB connector, while audio signalling is transmitted through a single 4-pole 3.5mm jack (optionally split into two 3-pole jacks via a supplied adapter). At a length of 1.5 metres (or 2.5m with the adapter) the cable should have ample length for most home desktop setups.

Technical Specifications

Model:- Neon 750 RGB
Headset type:- overhead, earmuffs
Transducers:- 50 mm, dynamic
Frequency:- 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance:- 32 Ohms
Dynamics:- 106 dB
- Sensitivity: -42 dB
- Frequency: 100 Hz - 16 kHz
- 2x mini-jack 3.5 mm (3 pole)
- 1 x USB (power)
Cable:- 2.5 m braided (1.5 m + 1.0 m adapter)

Genesis have stated that the Neon 750 RGB headset will be available for purchase the coming days. More information and images are available at

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