Inno3D Announce iChill GTX 780 Ti Accelero Hybrid

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅06.01.2014 14:25:00

There's a curious and innovative NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti-based graphics card on the cards from the boffins over at Inno3D. Always keen to go above and beyond on their cooling solutions for high-end GPUs - as perfectly exemplified in the astonishing iChill GTX 780 Herculez X3 Ultra - they may have out-done themselves with the iChill GTX 780 Ti Accelero Hybrid. A member of their Black Series of high-end factory overclocked graphics cards, the Accelero Hybrid goes a step further than the norm by presenting dual cooling strategies: a combination of Closed Loop Liquid Cooling System (CLCS) and Air Cooling.

The lions share of the task of cooling the GFX card is naturally taken by the CLCS, which has superior cooling potential. Heat is drawn from the GPU core and to the attached 120mm radiator, dissipating it over the radiator fins and exhausting it with the aid of one 120mm fan. The fan situated on the card itself however gets on with the job of cooling toasty components such as the VRM and RAM, and offloading much of the work it would otherwise do to the CLCS allows it to run much more quietly. Inno3D are confident enough in the solution to overlock the GTX 780 Ti as high as 1085 MHz *(~150MHz over reference), also pushing the 3GB GDDR5 RAM to 7.28 GHz.

A similar solution is proposed by the NZXT Kraken G10, although that only provides the bracket for a separately purchased GFX card and closed loop cooler.

There is no word yet on availability but pricing looks set to hit $888 MSRP. For more information on this and other Inno3D graphics solutions visit

Source: Via TechPowerUp

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