Intel SSD overclocking settings revealed

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅30.08.2013 08:16:30

Earlier this week we brought it was announced that intel is set to enable overclocking of Solid-State drives and today we can find out just what the involves.

While nothing has been officially announced the folks at myce have discovered interesting preliminary code in the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility that will be available once Intel allows it.

We found several options in the code and the first of these indicates that it will be possible to to set the frequency of the controller in Mhz. Intel adds as its description, ‘Sets the frequency of the specified Intel SSDs on-drive micro-controller, which may increase drive throughput.’Another option allows to set the power mode of the SSD to ‘limited’, ‘typical’ or ‘unconstrained’ which Intel describe as, ’Sets the power limits for the specified Intel SSD’.The final option we discovered reveals that it will be possible to change the bus frequency of the NAND memory. This can be set to either 83 Mhz or 100 Mhz and is described by Intel as, ‘Sets the NAND bus frequency for the specified Intel SSD.’

All the options state 'specified Intel SSDs' which obviously means this will only be available on certain models.

This is very interesting stuff and we can't wait to see just how far an SSD can be pushed.


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