Intel Working on New Atom Architecture.

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13.05.2011 14:57:44

The Silvermont architecture could see new levels of power efficiency and integration into many mobile devices and is said that it is being specifically designed to take advantage of the '3D' Tri-Gate transistor technology on the 22nm process. Set for a 2013 release sources state that, this will be three process generations and an architectural change within three years, which means Atom is advancing faster than Moore's Law. Or is this Intel realising that they are weak in a rapidly expanding market?

While the Atom roadmap is making steady progess with CedarView, their 32nm part, there is increasing competition in the small form factor market (tablets, smartphones, netbooks, ITX) from companies such Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and NVIDIA which are releasing increasingly faster parts based on ARM technology, not to mention AMD releasing a 28nm quad Bobcat design expected early 2012, is this an architecture change a little over due?

Intel are said to be releasing more details next week.


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