Kingston Technology Launches New Kingston FURY Gaming Brand

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Press Release

Kingston Technology today announced the name of its new high-performance, enthusiast, and gaming brand: Kingston FURY. Building on the incredible success of the HyperX memory products, Kingston has rebranded its DRAM, flash, and SSD gaming line into Kingston FURY, investing resources and knowledge from its core business to create the next generation of performance products.

Now that HP is completing its acquisition of HyperX for $425 million, it is just appropriate for Kingston Technology to rename its gaming brand with something else. Hence, the Kingston FURY is duly created to minimize confusion.

Kingston FURY

Kingston FURY continues the evolution of leading-edge, high-performance, enthusiast, and gaming memory solutions from the largest independent memory manufacturer in the world, backed by three decades of Kingston engineering, testing, manufacturing, and customer service expertise. The company’s leadership position in the DRAM industry demonstrates it has the passion, commitment and resources to make Kingston FURY the leading high-performance, enthusiast, and gaming memory solution in the market.

The Kingston engineering expertise which is behind the numerous overclocking records and awards that the HyperX memory line has gathered since 2002 continues into the new era of high-performance DRAM and flash solutions. Behind the scenes, it has always been Kingston: Kingston engineering, Kingston manufacturing, Kingston testing, and world-renowned Kingston customer service.

“We are extremely proud to debut the new Kingston FURY brand representing the highest-performing memory modules for PC enthusiasts and gamers Kingston’s core strength and global leadership as a manufacturer of quality DRAM and flash solutions brings resources and enthusiasm to the brand and firmly demonstrates our dedication to both performance and reliability.”

Statement from Craig Tilmont, Senior Director of Marketing, Kingston

Kingston FURY Line-up

Kingston will soon unveil its full line of Kingston FURY DDR4 and DDR3 offerings, and in Q4 will launch highly-anticipated DDR5 memory modules currently undergoing compatibility and qualification testing with motherboard vendors. Kingston FURY will consist of the following product categories:
Kingston FURY Renegade
High-performance speeds and low latencies for insane performance. Top-of-the-line performance leader (in RGB and non-RGB) with DDR4 frequencies up to 5333MHz.
Kingston FURY Beast
Kingston’s popular enthusiast and gaming memory is the perfect high-performance, cost-effective upgrade (in DDR3 and DDR4 RGB and non-RGB), with speeds up to 3733MHz.
Kingston FURY Impact

Source: Kingston Technology

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