Lian Li Release The STRIMER PLUS RGB Extension Cable

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In 2018 PC case and cooling specialists Lian Li launched the Strimer line of power supply extension cables, the first to hit the mainstream with configurable RGB lighting as part of the cable bundle itself. From that point on Strimer cables have featured in a host of bespoke showcase systems, included in premium pre-configured and custom systems from the likes of OverclockersUK, and installed as desired in DIY home builds. Today the next generation debuts: the Lian Li Strimer Plus.

Strimer Plus Overview

The original Strimer extension cable design came in two parts: a relatively standard PSU extension cable with braided sleeving on individual wires, and a set of 'optic fibres' that clipped in place on top of the main cable. RGB LED illuminators channelled light through these optic fibres, ensuring a relatively consistent colour that is customisable via 3-pin 5V ARGB connector. Included in the bundle was an optional power and control bracket that sits in a spare case PCI slot if a 5V ARGB header isn't available on the motherboard.

Read our review of the original Lian Li Strimer 24-pin RGB Extension Cable here

The Strimer Plus takes the design a step further by integrating RGB LEDs into the optic fibres themselves, allowing lighting configuration both down and along the extension cable. A total of 120 LEDs are utilised by the 24-pin motherboard cable and 108 for the 8-pin GPU cable, lending the Strimer Plus brighter and more consistent illumination that's also more flexible than before.

Both 8-pin and 24-pin Strimer Plus cables allow full lighting customisation via a 3-pin 5V ARGB connector that can hook directly into many motherboards and 3rd party RGB lighting controllers. Strimer Plus 24-pin cables have a wealth of pre-defined lighting options for user configuration through an included controller module. Eighteen lighting modes, seven colour modes, five speed settings and five brightness levels combine to offer eighty four modes that can operate speeds and with brightnesses to suit your individual needs.

Strimer Plus 24-pin Lighting Modes & Control

The cables utilise a white silicone spacer to maintain an even distance between braided wires and lighting fibres, keeping cables tidy rather than splaying out when installed in a system. The reversible nature of Strimer cables means that they support wiring to GPUs mounted in either a vertical or standard configuration and PSUs in a backwards orientation.

So, if you're hankering for yet more RGB lighting in your system, but want something more than 'just a bit different', there's a new option from one of the big names in PCs.

Technical Specifications

24-Pin Cable Extension

- Dimensions: 273mm (L) x 87mm (D) x 43mm (H)
- Material: Silicone/PVC
- Cable: 200mm
- Gauge: 18AWG
- Total LEDs: 120
- Accessories: Controller

8-Pin Cable Extension

- Dimensions: 364mm (L) x 85mm (D) x 34mm (H)
- Material: Silicone/PVC
- Cable: 300mm
- Gauge: 18AWG
- Total LEDs: 108

From March 3rd until March 31st the Strimer Plus 24-pin is on sale on Newegg in the USA, and Overclockers UK in the United Kingdom for the limited price of $49.99 USD/44.99 (inc. V.A.T.). The 8-pin Strimer Plus is available at OCUK for 35.99 (inc. V.A.T.). For more information visit the product page.

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