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Product on Review: Strimer 24-pin
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Street Price: 40 GBP / $45 USD

If youve been living under a rock for the last few years, you may not know that the computer tech industry has been overwhelmed by the introduction of RGB LED lighting. Cases, graphics cards, memory, coolers and more are now all capable of delivering 16.8 million colour illumination and, for those who just simply cant get enough of this glitzy customisation, Lian Li has now created the Strimer an RGB ready 24-pin cable extension kit.

When we first heard of Strimers entry into the market there was the understandable rolling of the eyes but after having first-hand experience with this kit, its rather impressive once correctly configured. Obviously, this review will deviate from our usual format as analysing an RGB cable involves no performance numbers the result is purely down to aesthetic appreciation. We will however be commenting on the installation, pricing and existence of such a product on the market.


You may be surprised to see that the accessories bundle includes quite a few parts for just an RGB LED cable. Included there is a 24cm extension cable with combs, a separate RGB optic fiber attachment with cable, PCIe controller with cables and an instructions guide.

Strimer can be connected to a three-pin RGB header on the motherboard and works with all major vendors as long as the board has a 5V ARGB connector. However, if an RGB header isnt present on your motherboard you can make use of the PCIe adapter which allows brightness, speed and modes to be adjusted on the fly.

In essence, what youre paying for with Strimer is a glorified extension cable with an addressable RGB layer and PCIe adapter. While there isnt all that much to it, the installation is somewhat tedious. First of all, its necessary to have at least 15mm of clearance at the back of your motherboard tray in order to fit all of the attachments and cabling. The end result of connecting all of the cables adds a lot of bulk/mess to your configuration and if the 24-pin cut-out on your motherboard tray isnt in line with the 24-pin socket on your motherboard, Strimer twists and this can ruin the appearance/look seeking to be achieved.


Once installed the visual effects presented by Strimer are fantastic. Since anyone considering this product would undoubtedly have to be an RGB advocate, the intensity and mode options will almost certainly be appreciated. Of all the RGB LED lit hardware weve encountered this is definitely one which makes a big impact.

We tested Strimer out via the PCIe adapter and with this we can adjust the brightness, speed of transition and modes. For the modes, the following are available: Tri color mode, Dual color mode, Rainbow mode, Single Color mode. Below, weve created a demonstration of the lighting effects which can be experienced with Strimer. Click play below, or if you prefer click this link to view a demo of Lian Li Strimer in action.

What do you think of Strimer? Let us know in the comments below. Wed love to hear what you think!


After seeing the demonstration above, its clear to see how visually attractive Lian Li Strimer is. Of course, RGB LED lighting is subjective but its presumed that anyone checking out this product will be an admirer of such a technology anyway.

Having the option to adjust lighting via the motherboard RGB header or PCIe bracket is a nice touch as it provides flexibility to all enthusiasts even those with older motherboards which perhaps lack that header.

The installation is the area which can cause a headache or two. Grappling with such an abundance of cables isnt easy especially after all the other cabling has been neatly tucked away. Without Strimer installed, cable management can be a challenge in itself but adding this product into the mix only adds to the frustration. Its necessary to factor in at least 15mm of clearance behind the motherboard tray and side panel for all of the cabling to fit behind the tray so, some extra time may be needed to tie/tuck excess away comfortably.

Adding Strimer to an existing build will certainly give it that exciting ambience that many strive for and it will complement existing RGB LED lighting quite well, however this does come at a cost - 40 GBP / $45 USD to be precise. Granted we do get the bonus of having a PCIe adapter, it is pricey!

If the neon glow is all you desire then Lian Lis Strimer is the icing on the cake. Avid RGB enthusiasts will adore the extravagance this product brings!

+ The most impressive RGB lighting weve seen
+ Highly customisable
+ Can be used via RGB header or PCIe adapter
+ No software is required

- Minimum of 15mm space behind mobo tray required
- Installation can be long and tedious

- Too many cables
- Pricey

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