MOONDROP Teases First Custom Keyboard: MOONDROP DASH HiFi Keyboard

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MOONDROP, a popular maker of premium in-ear monitors, teases its first-ever keyboard on its social media channels – the MOONDROP DASH HiFi Keyboard. Coming from a brand that makes audiophile-grade IEMs, the MOONDROP DASH is seemingly geared towards audiophiles and PC enthusiasts who seek a crisp bottom sound in every keypress – “the keyboard tapping sound with HiFi quality”, MOONDROP says. To achieve this, the MOONDROP DASH uses a Poron sandwich and bottom cotton and satellite axis stabilizers.

Aside from having a crisp bottom sound, the MOONDROP DASH will be featuring an integrated high-performance lossless DAC. MOONDROP did not reveal what type of audio output the keyboard will be having but it is likely a standard 3.5mm audio jack post. Custom keyboards can be very expensive and the number of users is growing worldwide. The MOONDROP DASH HiFi keyboard will likely be on the premium-end of things with a premium price tag.

The MOONDROP DASH HiFi keyboard features a compact 75% layout – a bit larger than the tenkeyless layout having an additional column of keys on the right side of the keyboard. It uses a CNC moulded chassis and self-designed dye-sub keycaps with a retro font design. MOONDROP did not mention the material of the chassis and keycaps. However, MOONDROP confirms the DASH HiFi keyboard will be featuring hot-swappable switches as well as replaceable and upgradeable expansion modules supporting 3.5 and 4.4 balanced outputs. The keyboard will be using MOONDROP's own exclusive switch which is yet to be revealed. Compatibility with existing switches available in the market today is also not mentioned.

Learn more about MOONDROP and their products at the MOONDROP Lab website.

Source: MOONDROP (Twitter)

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