More Trailers From The Spike Video Game Awards

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅12.12.2011 18:01:29

We mentioned the announcement of C&C Generals 2 earlier today, so it might be useful to show off some of the other games teased at the Spike VGAs this weekend which will hopefully reach the PC platform.

First up is the Act I introduction cinematic for Diablo 3, Blizzards action-RPG due early next year. It doesn't disappoint, setting the stage and providing hints of the fate of central figure Deckard Cain, his 'niece' Leah, and the world of Sanctuary as a whole.

Next, take a look at Bioshock Infinite from Irrational Games. Described (perhaps erronously) as haunting, we see a little more of Elizabeth and the floating islands of Comumbia. The trailer proudly states that it was made up entirely from in-game footage; thank goodness we won't see yet another brown-on-brown first person shooter.

Epic Games takes a break from Gears of War to bring us [url=]Fortnite[/url]. What gameplay we'll see from the game is anyone's guess, the trailer doesn't give that much away. Conjecture indicates a survival horror with sandbox elements and TF2-esq cartoonish aesthetic. Colour us intrigued.

The Last Of Us is probably the most derivative work you'll see. A formulaic opening that evokes Dead Island (but not DI's trailer) and I Am Legend lead us to believe that it's almost certainly yet another zombie survival game, but without the quirks of Fortnite. But don't worry, it's a PS3 exclusive title.

Finally, Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron. Normally we wouldn't mention a Transformers game, but 2010's War For Cybertron was actually pretty good. The teaser is noteworthy mainly because during 107 seconds High Moon have packed in more pathos than the three Michael Bay films combined.

So, anything of those take your fancy?

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