New CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile Switch Unveiled

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅20.06.2022 20:51:27
Press Release

CHERRY MX is expanding the MX Ultra Low Profile series (ULP) with a tactile version without an audible click. Designed for high-end laptops and ultrathin ultrabooks, the CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile is just 3.5mm millimeters in height. For laptops, the new CHERRY MX ULP Tactile allows the realization of fully mechanical high-end keyboards that clearly stand out from previous solutions in terms of pleasant tactile feel, intensive feedback during gaming or typing, and increased reliability as well as greater durability without changing the format.

The CHERRY MX ULP also opens up new possibilities for desktop keyboards that were previously technically unfeasible. The exclusive and patented switch design incorporates the feature set of CHERRY MX switches that have been proven for decades, ensuring maximum precision and perfect function even in the new design. CHERRY is also proud to announce that the CHERRY MX ULP received the "German Innovation Award".

MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile: Tactile without the click
The CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile is similar to the MX Brown. Thus, the new variant of the MX ULP abandons the distinctive click noise but continues to offer tactile actuation. The CHERRY MX ULP Tactile meets the preference of users who prefer a quieter typing experience without the acoustic feedback of their laptop or desktop keyboards.

Space-saving and cost-efficient SMD design
The CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile is a mechanical SMD key switch from CHERRY MX that can be soldered directly onto the PCB thanks to corresponding connection pads. This space-saving solution allows particularly slim keyboards for laptop as well as desktop applications. In addition, this implementation is also easier for manufacturers to handle and enables a high level of automation in production.

Balanced RGB lighting
Due to the unique design of the CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile, the respective SMD LED (RGB or single color) is located directly under the switch. In interaction with the translucent polymer parts, a balanced and homogeneous illumination is achieved, resulting in a luminous display of all 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum.

Award-Winning Design
The CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile has been awarded the "Gold" award of the German Innovation Awards 2022 for groundbreaking excellence. The ultra-low-profile solution from CHERRY MX prevailed in the "Excellence in Business to Business" segment of the competition against other candidates in the "Office Solutions" category.

The CHERRY MX ULP switches are now available as options on some of the latest gaming laptops from brands like Alienware and MSI. MSI delivers the newly launched MSI Titan GT77 gaming laptop with the MX Ultra Low Profile tactile variant.

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