New Logitech Studio Series Peripherals Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.11.2021 17:57:52
Press Release

Logitech launches new Studio Series keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat. The new Logitech POP Keys, POP Mouse, and Logitech Desk Mat Studio Series are the newest additions to the Logitech Studio Series. The new mechanical keyboard and mouse are both using wireless technology including Bluetooth and the new Logi Bolt Wireless Technology via the Logi Bolt USB wireless receiver. The Logitech POP Keys and Logitech POP Mouse come in three vibrant new aesthetics – Daydream, Blast, and Heartbreaker. On the other hand, the Logitech Desk Mat comes in lavender, dark rose, and mid-grey colours.

Logitech POP Keys

The Logitech POP Keys comes with eight swappable emoji keycaps in the box – four on the keyboard itself. The emoji keys can be easily customized to your favourites emoji or another handy shortcut using Logitech Options software, available via a simple download for PC or Mac.

Beautifully retro, Logitech POP Keys offers comfy, scooped typewriter-style mechanical keys and new-generation functions. Its 12 new FN shortcuts feature Snip Screen, Mute Mic and Media Keys to facilitate the modern workday. Experience typing that’s almost addictive on typewriter-style mechanical keys and feel your fingers bounce across the comfy, scooped keys as they click, clack and pop.

Logitech POP Mouse

The Logitech POP Mouse slips easily into your bag or pocket for on-the-go working and keeps you productive with the Smartwheel that flips automatically from high-precision to speed scroll mode. Its smooth body, crafted for comfort, fits snugly in your palm to help you work on whatever is needed. When Logitech Options is downloaded, use the mouse with Logitech Flow, a software feature for easy text, file, and image copy-and-pasting between computers.

The Logitech POP Mouse also features a top button that opens the emoji menu and can be customized for one-tap convenience. Both POP products empower multi-device creativity, connecting to up to three devices at a time via Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt USB wireless receiver. Each also comes with the promise of durability and long-lasting battery life—a signature of Logitech products.

Logitech Desk Mat Studio Series

Beautiful and comfortable desk mat with an anti-slip base and spill-resistant design. Logitech Desk Mat features a spill-proof coating that withstands accidental mishaps. The soft surface fabric provides a comfortable mousing experience, while the rubber anti-slip base prevents sliding on any surface, keeping a firm hold on your desk no matter what. The Logitech Desk Mat is designed to cover the POP Keys and POP Mouse with its extra-large size of 300mm x 70mm.

Pricing and Availability
The Logitech POP Keys, POP Mouse, and Desk Mat are now available at, see pricing below.
Logitech POP Keys: US$99.99
Logitech POP Mouse: US$39.99
Logitech Desk Mat: US$19.99

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