Newegg Plans to Remain Open Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅07.04.2020 19:41:47

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly disrupted a lot of businesses globally. Some brands like Samsung have already temporarily closed the doors on its retail stores in the United States for health and safety reasons. While most businesses are temporarily closing, Newegg plans to remain open for business and ensures its partners and customers undisrupted service during this challenging time.

Newegg acknowledges the existing demand for technology products as workers shift to ‘work at home’ which may require products to set up an efficient home workspace. Students also shifting to distance learning may also require technology products. Newegg is also tapping global suppliers to deliver essential products like face masks, digital thermometers, and other important medical devices to those in need.

Newegg also acknowledges the safety guidelines imposed by the government and is applying the necessary safety measures to protect its workforce by working remotely. However, Newegg’s warehouses are also staffed to fulfill orders without disruptions.

“These past few weeks of adjustment have been a monumental test for our organization as we’ve managed through unprecedented circumstances,” said Anthony Chow, Global CEO of Newegg. “Through it all, our employees rose to the challenge and adapted quickly to ensure Newegg is able to serve its customers without interruption.”

Source: Newegg

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