NVIDIA And BitFenix Create A New Special Edition Phenom

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07.05.2014 16:48:28

For some time graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA have been forwarding the principle that a powerful gaming system need not be a monstrous hulk which dominates any room you put it in (although there's nothing wrong with that). Increasingly providing greater options for those who would appreciate a more discreet PC has been a core ideal, often through low power GPU designs and improving the efficiency of their reference cooler, NVIDIA have also highlighted it via small form factor promotions such as the recent Art Of Gaming program. This time around they're taking a slightly different tack.

Today NVIDIA have announced that they've partnered with BitFenix to create a new special edition of the Phenom small form factor chassis - the GeForce GTX 'Claw' Phenom - and will be using this design in new NVIDIA certified PCs. Utilising the mATX Phenom as a basis, the 'Claw' Phenom adds an embossed GeForce GTX 'Claw' logo to the side-panels as well as 'NVIDIA Green' mesh highlights for a striking overall finish. At no point however is the Phenom's already excellent feature set compromised, including the use of their well known soft-touch metal finish.

These chassis are available individually or as the enclosure for GeForce GTX Edition Small Form Factor PCs that are now being sold throughout Europe. Each PC is powered by one of the latest GeForce GTX 600 & 700-series GPUs and the GeForce Experience software to optimise your game settings and automate driver updates (as well as a few other nifty features). Every PC therefore will provide excellent gaming performance in addition to great aesthetics and low-noise operation.

GeForce GTX Edition Small Form Factor PCs are available in the UK today from PC Specialist and Overclockers. More information about NVIDIA GeForce Small Form Factor PCs can be found here.

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