OCUK's Own 8-Pack Wins $5000 In Computex Haswell OC Competition

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅05.06.2013 15:26:49

It shouldn't have escaped your notice that Computex 2013 is running all this week in Taiwan, and whilst new products are naturally the focus of attention manufacturers organise a number of side-events to showcase their technologies or provide a little bit of razamataz for visitors. This year Intel and Corsair flew out 20 of the worlds top overclockers and pit them head-to-head in a series of tests on the brand new Intel 4th Generation Core CPU AKA "Haswell" and Z87 motherboards, pushing the platform to the limit with the aid of Liquid Nitrogen and their innate overclocking nouse.

One of the invitees was Ian "8-Pack" Parry, Overclockers UK's own OC and body-building expert (who knew the two went together so well?). You may recall a story six weeks ago detailing his prowess with the Intel Z77 and X78 platform, and his notoriety as one of the UK's top rated overclockers justifiably earned him a seat on the aeroplane.

The organisers ran eleven different testing brackets, with the premier event being the SuperPi 32M benchmark for a grand prize of $5000. Each of the invitees were given a stock rig for the 32M test (including a choice of motherboard), whilst other competitions running in parallel had the option to run hand-picked Haswell systems. After hours of sweat, tears and probably a little blood, 8-Pack and zzolio were able to push their rig to the best verified SuperPi 32M score of the evening - 4m:49.344s, 7-8 seconds clear of the field. This was achieved with a 6.55GHz overclock of the core, DRAM pushed to 2700MHz and uncore of 5.9GHz, utilising an ASUS Maximus 6 Extreme, Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM and Intel Core i7 4770k processor. Mighty impressive stats indeed.

In the aftermath 8-Pack commented that they missed out on the Pifast, Wprime 32 and 1024 gongs by fractions and in the dying moments of the event. By all accounts the rig of hand-picked parts was starting to develop condensation due to the humidity and concentrating on the 32M class, and didn't want to blow what was proving to be a first-class set of motherboard, CPU and RAM DIMMS.

OCUK are of course keen to highlight their affiliation with 8-Pack and buyers who engage in enthusiast overclocking:

This is a great achievement for 8-Pack, adding another title and reason why Overclockers UK is the first stop for enthuiasts and gamers alike. As seen in the competition, the same dedication and technical knowledge is focused into our own extreme and gaming systems using Haswsell to provide high-overclocks and the best possible performance. 8-Pack will be updating with extra exclusive information on his win over on the Overclockers UK Forums.

You can read more about 8-Pack's Taiwanese exploits and engage more with the man himself here; as the Haswell/Z87 platform matures there will no-doubt be more records in the offing. OCUK's own range of pre-overclocked systems have their own landing page, but don't be afraid to contact them directly if you're looking to build something special.

Source: Via Press Release, OCUK Forums

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