Raijintek Introduce The Nemesis And Themis Evo Coolers

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As much as we valued the cooling performance of Raijintek's Erebos, their début CPU cooler and mid-range performance entrant, a depth in Raijintek's lineup was needed to signify a more than short-term presence in the market. Just over a fortnight ago they announced the Zelos and Pallas, targeting systems in need of low-profile CPU coolers and deftly broadened their product range. This week they're taking the wraps off two new coolers for the performance end of the market.

The Nemesis is the higher-end of the two new coolers and utilises a dual-tower configuration similar to current industry leaders. Heat transference is enabled through the use of five 8mm nickel-plated copper heatpipes and two 140mm PWM fans operating between a whisper-quiet 600 to 1000rpm. The main compatibility statistic (apart from socket support) is that the cooler is 166.5mm tall at tallest extent.

By contrast the Themis EVO is a revision to the Themis which significantly improves that models cooling performance. The design moves from three to four 8mm diameter direct-contact heatpipes, and these heapipes are now nickel-plated. It comes bundled with only one 120mm fan running from 1000-1500rpm, which should be enough for most cooling requirements that aren't on the extreme end. Its price positions it at a lower end of the market than the original Erebos.

Both Nemesis and Themis EVO coolers support LGA2011, LGA1150/1155/ll56, AM2+, AM3, AM3+ and FM2+ fittings; however aare will need to be taken with the Nemesis in particular to ensure that both PC enclosure and memory placement is compatible due to its size. The Themis EVO will have an MSRP of €32.90 (just below that of the Erebos), whilst the Nemesis will command a premium (yet still reasonable) €59.90.

For more information on these and other cooling solutions, visit Raijintek.com

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