Sabrent Introduces PlotRipper and PlotRipper Pro SSDs for Chia Mining

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.05.2021 18:48:55

With Chia mining on the boom, many are putting out products specially made to handle the heavy write workload such as TEAMGROUP’s T-CREATE EXPERT SSD. Sabrent introduces their own line-up of extra durable SSDs with an ultra-high endurance rating of up to 18X better compared to standard SSDs. The Sabrent PlotRipper offers up to 10,000 Terabyte Written (TBW) while the PlotRipper Pro offers up to 54,000 Terabyte Written (TBW).

Designed for Chia Coin (XCH)
The key difference between Chia and other cryptos is its “proof of space and time” method of verifying transactions that utilize unused disk space on users’ hard drives and is more energy-efficient than bitcoin’s “proof of work” model.

Ultra-High Endurance (18X Better)
The Sabrent PlotRipper Series SSD’s endurance is enhanced to another level with LifeXtention, allowing you to upshift your plotting to the next gear.

Best Unit Cost for Plotting
With the Sabrent PlotRipper Series, you have the best odds of getting a return on the investment and maximize profitability. Keep building new plots without the need to keep buying more and more high-capacity SSD.

Sabrent is yet to launch the PlotRipper Series SSDs. Learn more about the Sabrent PlotRipper and PlotRipper Pro SSDs at Sabrent.

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