Seasonic 12VHPWR Cable Announced

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.10.2022 22:34:44
Press Release

Seasonic is proud to announce the release of its PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR connector cable set for the PRIME 1300W, PRIME 1000W, and FOCUS 1000W power supply unit models. In wake of the recent announcements that upcoming VGA cards such as the NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 40 Series can be powered by specific ATX 2.xx power supplies, Seasonic will provide a free 12VHPWR cable to qualifying customers.

For the maximum efficiency and ultimate performance, the Seasonic 12VHPWR connector cable set is made with 16 AWG wires and high-current terminal connectors to install the newest graphics cards directly to the Seasonic PRIME 1300W (PX-1300 and GX-1300), PRIME 1000W (TX-1000, PX-1000, and GX-1000), and FOCUS GX-1000 power supplies.

Free Complimentary 12VHPWR Cable
Starting on October 12, 2022, our complimentary cable offer will be valid for customers who purchased a PRIME 1300, PRIME 1000W, or FOCUS 1000W power supply and the newest, high-power VGA card within the past 12 months. Proofs of both purchases are required to apply for the free 12VHPWR cable. The quantity of free cable sets is limited, and this offer is valid only as long as our supplies last.

Visit to apply.

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