Seasonic Releases New USA MSRP In Response To Tariff Changes

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Seasonic releases new USA MSRP on all its China-manufactured power supplies distributed in the United States. The new MSRP ups the pricing of Seasonic power supplies by around $10 to $20 US dollars based on the new tariffs applied to China-manufactured products. The new MSRP of Seasonic power supplies sold in the United States will be effective this December 1, 2018. Orders placed prior to this date shall follow the current pricing.

US-China Trade War and Tariffs

The US-China trade war has been affecting the tech industry in different ways particularly when tariff policies change. It has already caused the closure of Caselabs, a US-based enthusiast desktop enclosure manufacturer, saying that the increased prices of raw materials led to unprofitable margins. Last month, TrendForce also says the newly imposed US tariffs could alter the prices of DRAM and NAND flash products by 2019. Seasonic’s MSRP increase is just the beginning of the trade war’s impact on Chinese-manufactured electronics, GIGABYTE already warns its partners and consumers of expected price increase due to the new import tariffs last August 2018. Hence, we expect more of this MSRP increase in the United States in the near future as the new tariffs roll out given that the majority of PC hardware and components in the market today are made in China.

Seasonic on New US MSRP

Seasonic strives to be transparent to its retail partners and customers in the United States. Seasonic affirms its partners and customers that they will continue to strive in producing cost-effective power supply solutions for all its target users. See Seasonic’s updates United States MSRP list below:

Source: Seasonic, News Section

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