Secure AM4 CPU with GELIDís AMD CPU Protection Bracket

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅11.02.2021 18:37:28

AMD processors are vulnerable to getting stuck in the cooler IHS. When CPU and cooler are cold, it can be accidentally pulled from the socket along with the cooler which might leave a few bent pins. Fortunately, GELID has a simple yet very effective solution to this problem with a simple bracket. The GELID CPU Protection Bracket gives your AMD processor an extra level of protection and ensures hassle-free CPU installation and uninstallation of the CPU cooler.

It secures the processor in the AM4 socket firmly, prevents any bending or uneven pressuring, loads while you mount a CPU heatsink. It especially protects the CPU from accidental pull-out off the socket, while you remove or replace your CPU heatsink.

GELID AM4 CPU Protection Bracket (PT-AM4-01) Features
CPU Pull-Out Prevention
Compatible with GELID AM4 Mounting Kit
Seamless and Easy Installation
Socket Integrity Protection
Strong and Durable
RoHS Compliant
Ultra-Thin Thickness

The GELID AMD CPU Protection Bracket is compatible only with GELID Phantom, Phantom Black, and Sirocco CPU coolers.

Pricing and Availability
The GELID CPU protection bracket for AM4 (PT-AM4-01) is now available at the GELID store for only US$1.50.

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