SilverStone Introduces Air Nexus 120 ARGB Interlocking Fans

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅03.07.2024 06:02:17

SilverStone Technology joins the trend on daisy chain fans and introduces the Air Nexus 120 ARGB Series 120mm cooling fans with an interlocking connection mechanism and ARGB lighting. Like the majority of the daisy-chain RGB fans popping out this year, the Air Nexus 120 ARGB also simplifies the connection between the fans using an interlocking mechanism in the fan’s frame that decreases the number of cables. The SilverStone Air Nexus 120 ARGB is available in black and white colours.

SilverStone did not use the term “daisy-chain” on their product page, seemingly trying to avoid getting into issues with other brands, particularly LIAN LI. The daisy-chain fan mechanism was a hot issue late last year with LIAN LI suing Phanteks for allegedly copying their patented mechanism. However, the issue somewhat died down this year and more brands have put out their versions including MSI and COUGAR.

Interlocking Mechanism

SilverStone’s interlocking mechanism is different from most of the daisy-chain fans in the market today. It uses a clipping mechanism to secure connection instead of magnets. It doesn’t use pogo pins or spring-loaded pins, unlike the Phanteks D30-120 fans. The male and female connectors come in contact as fans become interlocked with each other – bridge connectors are not required.

Key Features
Interlock connection mechanism significantly reduces visible system cable clutter and streamlines installation
Tremendous airflow and static pressure figures
Wide 500~1,500 RPM speed range via PWM control
Standard 4-1 pin ARGB lighting, synced via an ARGB controller or ARGB compatible motherboards
Hydraulic bearing reduces friction and maintains low operational noise
Integrated rubber padding helps to further reduce vibrational noise

SilverStone Technology would be launching the Air Nexus 120 ARGB Series interlocking fans to select markets at an affordable price point. To learn more, please visit the product page at the SilverStone Technology website.

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