SilverStone Introduces NT09-1700 Intel Standard Cooler For LGA1700

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅22.02.2022 23:51:56

With the availability of Intel’s entry-level and mid-level LGA 1700 chips, CPU cooler manufacturers dish out Intel Standard Coolers for the Alder Lake processors. The SilverStone NT09-1700 is designed for low profile systems at only 45mm tall. It is fitted with a 92mm quiet fan and an extruded aluminium heatsink block. The cooler uses a larger reinforced back plate design for improved support, tighter contact, and to reduce pressure on the motherboard PCB. The SilverStone NT09-1700 also uses a spring screw design that’s better than the Intel cooler’s locking mechanism. Finally, the NT09-1700 comes with pre-applied thermal paste for easy installation with perfect IHS thermal paste coverage.

- Supports Intel LGA 1700 processors
- Designed for low profile systems at only 45mm tall
- Custom quiet 92mm fan for excellent cooling and low noise
- Extruded aluminum fins for good heat dissipation
- Reinforced back plate design reduces motherboard bending to provide tighter CPU contact

Earlier this month, Akasa launched a trio of Standard Intel LGA 1700 thermal solutions. The stock cooler on Intel processors remains the same for the past generations with the exception of the fancier Intel Laminar RH1 Cooler bundled with the Intel Core i9-12900 and Intel Core i9-12900F processors. Unlocked K-model processors do not come with stock coolers and would require separate purchase of a CPU cooler.

The cooler will retail for US$18.99 SRP. To learn more about the SilverStone NT09-1700, please visit SilverStone Technology.

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