Thermalright To Release Silver Arrow SB-E

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅11.02.2012 22:28:39

It's difficult to see how Thermalright could better the Silver Arrow, one of our best-in-test CPU heatsinks, but they aim to with the new Silver Arrow SB-E. Designed specifically with the higher cooling requirements of LGA2011 processor overclocking in mind, it features much higher cooling potential than the Silver Arrow.

As with all of the best performing CPU coolers, the Silver Arrow SB-E remains a twin-tower style cooler. Taken as read is out of the box LGA2011 compatibility, in addition to supporting AMD AM2/AM3/AM3+ and Intel LGA 1366/1155/1156/775. Rather than four 8mm diameter heatpipes, the SB-E edition moves to eight 6mm heatpipes in a more densely packed configuration, likely as an adaptation to the larger area of the Sandy Bridge-E CPU die and heat spreader. Air flow should also be commensurately higher: the package includes one TY-141 140mm fan and one TY-150 150mm fan rather than the two TY-140's of the Silver Arrow.

The Silver Arrow SB-E will begin shipping at the end of this month; pre-order pricing is listed as ~$100/75 Euro.

Source: Softpedia
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Thermalright To Release Silver Arrow SB-E


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#23287 Posted on: 12.02.2012 00:07:29
Holy mother of god, that looks even better than the original

Hopefully Helios will be getting his hands on one for a review sometime soon

Thermalright To Release Silver Arrow SB-E

VTZ Newbie

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#23289 Posted on: 12.02.2012 13:04:36
Can't wait to get my hands on that.

Thermalright To Release Silver Arrow SB-E

Suicidal Zebra

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#23293 Posted on: 12.02.2012 14:24:12
Should be a very interesting cooler. Air flow may be a problem given how tightly packed those heatpipes are, and I'm not convinced by the colour of their new fans vs the blue ones on the Silver Arrow. The metrics mean that it should, in theory, be a better performer than the others on the market; however it's rarely as simple as that

Looking forward to a review of it Sahil

Thermalright To Release Silver Arrow SB-E

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#23294 Posted on: 12.02.2012 14:30:04
I'm hoping I can get X79 to test this on as that would do the larger base justice. It's interesting that they have gone for 8 heat pipes like the K2 on this. I'm not convince by the fan colours either but that heatsink is absolutely stunning!

I look forward to doing a round-up if possible including the Phanteks, NH-D14 (PWM), and the K2.

Thermalright To Release Silver Arrow SB-E

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#23297 Posted on: 12.02.2012 17:13:16
WOW that looks immense!!

Thermalright To Release Silver Arrow SB-E

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#23301 Posted on: 12.02.2012 19:33:16
OMG that is...epic lol.

The thing looks like its going to perform very very well indeed, the design looks extremely well done and utilizing the fans perfectly due to the shape.

I dont think Thermalright are a company that would release this if it isnt a good improvement on the origional SA, and in that case I guess its going to be a complete beast and very efficient.

Really looking forward to seeing how this does, the heatsink itself looks amazing to me, but as said the fans are a bit of a diarrhea colour lol... I actually quite liked the older fans even though there colour wasnt black but I still think these although a bit ugly will grow on you, still better than the Noctuas imo anyway.

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