1MORE Spearhead VRX Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅04-09-18

To say that this is the second gen product from 1MORE they really have done a superb job, although not perfect, the Spearhead VRX is a very impressive headset. It begins with the packaging which like their other products is very well done, and although it doesn’t impact the decision-making process, it is nice that this in an area that isn’t overlooked.

The design and build are again top notch. The design may not be to everyone’s taste, but they haven't gone over the top with it, and the headset is attractive to our eyes. The build is mostly great with blends of metal and plastic, yet the cheap feeling headband does slightly detract from this. The headband could impact comfort in some use cases, especially if you have no hair. The earcups though are great, the internal padding is soft, and plush and the outer leather material is very smooth. They do get a touch warm though which is a bit of an issue for long gaming or streaming sessions. Another complaint we had was with the volume control wheel, it is smooth, but it only appears to change the volume in increments of four and sometimes it doesn’t register input at all.

The real standout attribute is the sound and all the tech. Firstly the sound is impressive, it’s detailed, clear, punchy when it needs to be and has a highly impressive soundstage. The rest of the sound features include the head tracking which is brilliant; unfortunately, we couldn’t test it for VR, but for solo games, it worked very well and created an interesting atmosphere. There is also the Maglev feature which lets you feel bass, again not everyone will like it, but it does add a new element to how we perceive audio. It isn’t perfect though as its level is tied directly to the software eq and means that if you turn up, the feature it increases the bass and vice versa. This could be an issue if you just want extra bass but don’t want the accompanying vibration.

1MORE have really done an amazing job with the Spearhead VRX, and if you can live with the few flaws, you’ll get a headset that is not like any other on the market.

Spearhead VRX can be purchased for the following figures: £209 GBP / $199.99 USD / $250 AUD

1MORE have outdone themselves with Spearhead VRX; they’ve used their expertise in the audio industry and fused it with some impressive technology to create a fully featured headset that delivers an excellent audio experience.

+ Superb audio quality
+ Highly impressive feature set
+ Well built and lightweight
+ Good quality microphone
+ Well thought out software
+ Work on multiple platforms
+ Comfortable

+- Maglev vibration feature may not suit everyone's taste
+- Cheap feeling headband doesn’t fit the rest of the headset
+- Premium price

- Built-in volume control wheel isn’t the most accurate

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