ADATA Premier Pro SP920 SS Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅14-05-14

When we first heard of the specs of the ADATA Premier Pro SP920 we were eager to get it on the test bench. We were however left a little disappointed.

We have no issue at all with the read speeds which were better than average however, it is the write speeds that let this drive down. Like most manufacturers, tactical advertising can often be misleading as larger drives generally have much better drive speeds and this is no more apparent than with the ADATA SP920. The 1TB drive may well have write speeds of 500MB/s but the lower down the capacity ladder you go, the lower the write speeds get so when we double checked our speeds against the actual specification of the drive and not the bold print advertisements, we found that the 256GB drive has a rated write speed of 360MB/s which was more in-line with our own results. We urge you not to make the mistake of assuming the drive will have the same speeds across the range.

With that said, the SP920 is not a bad drive by any stretch of the imagination. It has the best accessory list of any drive we have tested, certainly looks the part and can keep up with most any SSD we have tested with regard to read speeds. IOPs were not brilliant with the drive scoring low on our sustained 12hr 4k IOPs write test. Clearly, if write speeds are a concern for you then you should consider one of the higher capacity ADATA drives. The SP920SS is however priced very aggressively and is one of the cheapest 256GB SSD's available which is to it's credit because while there are faster drives on the market, few offer similar read speeds at this price point which is the SP920SS's main selling point - 'bang per buck'.

An excellently packaged SSD with fast read speeds only to be let down by below par write speeds and IOPS.

+ Great all-round package
+ Fast Write speed
+ Good Price

- Mediocre Write speed

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