👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅21-01-18

Judging the EMIX I30 headset was an interesting task to undertake, partly because of its pricing, partly because its our first venture with an audio product from ADATA, and partly because we an unashamed bias against in-ear headsets. In our experience, there are few earphones on the market that genuinely sound good, and none provide good value. However, the popularity of having a discrete and portable audio solution is undeniably essential with the ever growing dependency on portable technology. With that in mind, it is understandable for a manufacturer to invest heavily in the design and creation of an in-ear headset that will not only benefit gamers, but the audio quality itself. After all, if you are going to do something, may as well do it right, and ADATA have certainly done something right.

As far as outright audio quality goes, the EMIX I30 sounds good, great balance from its deep bass, and the crisp details in the mids and highs. This isn't really anything beyond what our existing go-to earphones can do (the similarly priced Sennheiser Momentum in-ear), yet the wide sound/spatial awareness granted by the EMIX I30 exceeded our expectations completely.

However, pricing is something that will hit some people hard, especially when compared to competing products. Though, if you are someone that swears by earphones, and don't mind throwing your cash at such things, the EMIX I30 is certainly a headset that could expand your mobile gaming experience considerably.

The EMIX I30 smashes several boundaries with its powerful, immersive audio that is not just detailed and crisp, but thanks to some clever design work, features outstanding spatial awareness to the likes we have not seen from an in-ear audio solution before.

+ Rich and detailed audio
+ Wide audio/ spatial awareness (Great for VR)/(5.2 surround?)
+ compact/lightweight
+ High quality construction
+ Included carry case/accessories

- Price

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