Alpenföhn Matterhorn Pure Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08-06-12

When talking about a product that has been stripped down for the sake of cost cutting, it is often difficult to push your mind away from words such as 'budget' and 'cheap' which come in tandem with 'poor quality'. Then you have marketing jive trying to reassure you that the product will still live up to your hopes and dreams, many are all too familiar with the feeling of being ripped off. well it is my duty to crush any such thoughts, not once while handling this product did I think that I was handling a 'budget' mid range cooler and the term 'Pure' is literally the most appropriate term that could be used to describe this version of the Matterhorn. This cost cutting approach to offer big performance at excellent value has also been used by competitors who seem to forget the spirit as to 'why' they are cost cutting in the first place.

The Matterhorn pure is solid, well made and is compatible with all sockets of current times. It comes with a nice 120mm WingBoost fan that can remain comparatively quiet even at full speed and can deliver great cooling performance. While we can strive for perfection, there are some flaws. In consideration to memory clearance, those with tall memory modules may want to steer clear. It is a shame Alpenföhn didn't bundle a second pair of fan mounting clips too, because those looking for a push-pull configuration will have to source them separately.

All things considered, the Matterhorn Pure has a lot to offer and will deliver a heavy blow to the mid-range sector with its excellent value, quality and performance.

For those reasons we award the Matterhorn Pure with our Gold award and our Amazing Value award.

+ Good performance
+ Easy to install
+ Support for Intel and AMD sockets (including LGA 2011 and AMD FM1)
+ Relatively quiet
+ Price

- Memory clearance
- Only one pair of fan clips

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