Alphacool Eisbaer 240LT Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-03-19
With this being the first Alphacool product we’ve looked at for several years, we weren’t entirely sure of what to expect, so as ever, we went into it with a totally open mind and found ourselves pleasantly surprised on the whole.

First off, installation and assembly was simple and straight forward, aided by clear and concise instructions and good quality screws and fittings. The Eiswind fans not quite lining up is purely an aesthetic problem and won’t cause any difference in performance but it does bring into question, almost at the very start of the assembly process, as to whether corners have been cut to keep the total cost down.

Performance was a bit of a mixed bag; looking at acoustics first, considering the 135W TDP of the Core i7 3930K, the cooler does a great job keeping this quiet at stock speeds, raising to no more than 38 dB(A) after 20 minutes of AIDA 64’s stability test, however, once overclocked to 4.4GHz, which sees power usage rise to around 170W, things do get a little noisier at both idle and load, though still better or equal to more expensive coolers. Temperatures, on the other hand, are coped with remarkably well for a 240mm radiator, there’s not much that beats it while also remaining below it in the acoustics graph. This could likely be attributed to its all-copper construction.

Finally, the overall build quality feels decent, particularly for the cost of the loop including the quick release tubing connection. The pump housing feels solid and looks great with the brushed steel insert on the top. The fans, however, aren’t quite up to scratch, they both look and feel cheap.

Good news for those who still don’t like RGB lighting, you won’t find a single LED on this loop! You can decide if that’s a pro or con.

One last note, the addition of the quick release connection gets a creative award from us; we’ve not seen this on a cooling loop before and really enjoy the idea of adding in extra parts in the future.

Overall, the Eisbaer 240LT offers very good performance for a reasonable price, and with the option to add in extra hardware further down the line, this could be a good stop-gap for users hoping to step into the world of custom loops.

+ Good performance
+ Decent audible levels
+ Easy to install
+ No RGB
+ Anti-kink tubing for small builds
+ Quick connectors for easy expansion

- No RGB
- Fans aren’t straight when installed
- Eiswind 120mm fans look and feel cheap

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