AMD HD 7750 'Cape Verde' Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅15-02-12
Let's be honest here; I never expected this GPU to set the performance world on fire. In fairness we didn't have any low spec GPU's to hand in the short space of time we had with this card so comparing it against the likes of the GTX560Ti 2GB was a little unfair.

The card didn't disgrace itself by any means and held true to AMD's claims in that for the most part, the card is quite happy knocking out frames per second higher than 30. While it may be propping up the rest of the field in the benchmark tests, it is clearly a useful card, capable of producing smooth framerates that will satisfy the occasional gamer. Avid gamers may wish to look for a more powerful GPU solution though as at anything higher than 1920x1080, especially with AA applied the card struggled to get above 10 FPS. In all honesty though, who is going to buy a budget graphics card for gaming at extreme resolutions?

The card consumes very little power which was great to see so you are not going to need Chernobyl to power this GPU making it ideal for small form factor PC's. For a media centre or indeed a HTPC, this card will perform admirably and will no doubt serve you well if not because of its diminutive size, it's low noise will certainly appeal.

Overall then what we have here is a handy little GPU that has the minerals to game at low FPS without the trimmings, it is quiet, consumes little power and produces little heat. Priced at $109 it is on the expensive side for the budget conscious which is a shame because as with the HD7770 we have also reviewed today, the pricing of the two graphics cards seems to be the biggest drawback each component has.

+ Small, single slot design
+ Good GPU overclocking
+ Good cooling performance
+ Very Quiet (when fan below 40%)
+ Black PCB

- Expensive at this performance level
- Unplayable framerates above 1920x1080
- 1GB GDDR5 may not be enough for some

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