Anidees AI4 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-10-13

Micro ATX cases have become popular of late, due to motherboard manufacturers producing flagship products for this form factor. No longer do enthusiasts or gamers have to settle for a compromise on the hardware front.

Anidees attempt at bringing to market their first Micro ATX case is a good one. They have carried through the style concept from the AI6 by giving this case a brushed aluminium front and top section which looks and feels great. All of the panels on AI4 are closed off and noise damping material has been used on the front, sides and top in a bid to keep noise levels to a minimum. In this regard AI4 certainly achieves low-noise and the cooling fans also allow for good cooling potential.

There are however a few areas which we feel could be improved upon. Although AI4 boasts good clearance options for the CPU cooler and graphics card the same cannot be said for the cable management. Behind the motherboard tray there is no clearance whatsoever and what little space is available around the front cooling fans means organising these cables is cumbersome. Attaching such devices like the HDD or optical drive requires screws whilst a vast majority of offerings nowadays provide tool-free options instead.

The AI4 is priced at 80 which for a Micro ATX of this calibre, is overpriced. Slapping on a brushed aluminium faceplate at the front and top of the case does not justify this cost, especially since Anidees are relatively unheard of at this stage.

The AI4 is a good looking Micro ATX case with handy fan controller and generous clearance for flagship CPU coolers. There are however some areas for improvement and thus we award this case our bronze award.

+ Sleek visual appearance
+ Fan controller
+ Noise damping material
+ Compact layout
+ Good clearance for CPU coolers/graphics card

- Price
- Lack of tool-free design
- Poor cable management

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