Antec High Current Pro 1000W Platinum Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-08-12

I have to admit, Im quite a fan of Antecs PSUs. Since the early days Ive had a leaning towards their PSUs because of quality, price and customer aftercare. With any favouritism to one side, how does HCP-1000 Platinum fare?

Well I can report my findings are certainly positive. Packaging and build quality are both excellent and the range of modular cables ensure this product covers every possibility. Though there are plenty to choose from I would have liked to see the sleeves thicker so that underlying yellow cables are completely concealed.

Over to performance and again the HCP-1000 Platinum fared well here too. It kept within the ATX voltage specifications during 38%, 68% and even 104%. Although this unit is rated at 1000W it handled 1044W from the 3x SLI setup. Noise levels at 38% and 68% were very quiet, 104% was obviously noticeable but most would not run this unit at such a precarious operating level.

Priced at 230, HCP-1000 Platinum leads the way in the 1000W arena. Other units of the same calibre but with bronze, silver and gold efficiency are priced accordingly some gold and silver PSUs only being 20-30 away. So the pricing for HCP-1000 Platinum is actually quite reasonable, especially when you consider this unit is completely modular, offering full flexibility and being backed by a huge 7 years warranty.

HCP-1000 Platinum is solid in its performance and build quality. It offers some great features such as 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, fully modular and comes with a very attractive 7 years warranty that no enthusiast will snub their nose at. As a result of our findings we are pleased to award this PSU with our prestigious Gold award.

+ Excellent build quality
+ Full modular
+ 80 Plus Platinum
+ Quiet during load
+ 7 years warranty

- Cable sleeves could be thicker
- Design is quite plain

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