ASRock B550 PG Velocita Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-09-20

Opting for an AMD B550 motherboard over the more expensive X570 lineup will undoubtedly be on the radar for those on a tighter budget, but does the PG Velocita breach X570 territory with its price-tag?

ASRock market the Velocita range as being part of their high-end category of models and we can definitely see why they’ve characterised it in that way. There are premium features present and this board does tap into some great performance but the omission of a WiFi module, numerous USB 2.0 ports and just two USB 3.2 Gen2 on the back panel does leave something to be desired. Had Velocita included WiFi out of the box and ditched the USB 2.0 in favour of more USB 3.2 we’d understand the lofty price-tag of GBP £220| USD $219 | AUD $400.

Styling on any motherboard is highly subjective but we feel that ASRock has done a sterling job with the aesthetics. It has a nice blend of soft, neutral tones with a lick of red and has a premium touch. Other hardware of a similar theme will coordinate very well and won’t look out of place.

Those who come to invest in a B550 motherboard will understand the compromise in the PCIe department and with Velocita we get ample slots as well as storage allocation. The storage itself is well balanced, providing sufficient SATA and PCI-Express driven M.2 slots.

Velocita performed very well in our benchmark suite and showed no noticeable signs of being inferior to other models which are in a similar league. In fact this board offered us some surprising figures in the storage performance, pushing further ahead in terms of throughput transfer rates.

Velocita is a more than capable B550 motherboard which is armed with useful features… but this comes at quite a cost!

+ Pleasant visual appearance
+ Performs very well
+ Offers USB 3.2 Gen1 and Gen2 front panel connectivity
+ Good layout for multi-GPU
+ A total of 7 fan headers
+ M.2 slots feature thermal cooling
+ Great audio package

- Expensive
- Wasted back panel space with USB 2.0
- Touted as a high-end board but no WiFi included

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