ASUS Cerberus V2 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04-05-17
After spending some time listening to music and playing games, we came to enjoy the Cerberus V2. Those 53mm ASUS Essence drivers deliver rich and powerful bass without muddying the mid or high tones, making it highly competitive against the leaders in this price range. Its solid construction and use of good quality materials accents the attractive design, something we came to really appreciate. ASUS did a fantastic job in regards to the use of bold colours, using just enough without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

Thinking critically about the Cerberus V2, there isn't a huge deal we can complain about for the 59.99 price tag; at least nothing major without any foresight. Of the minor things, we felt that the most important to mention is the relatively quiet boom microphone. This mostly seemed like a pick-up problem as its range seemed rather limited. On another note, we could argue that if ASUS added in a USB soundcard featuring v7.1 surround for the same price, it would significantly improve its stance in the market against the competition.

Overall, the Cerberus V2 is a solid, all-round headset that many people will enjoy using. It has long lasting comfort, powerful audio, and the added convenience of dual microphones, so you will always be able to answer that call.

ASUS drag the Cerberus V2 from the underworld to provide gamers with a rich and powerful audio experience.

+ Solid construction
+ Attractive design (available in 3x colours)
+ Rich audio with deep bass
+ Comfortable over long periods
+ Versatile (cross platform support)
+ Dual microphones (Boom and in-line)

- Boom microphone seemed a little quiet

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