ASUS GTX950-2G Unplugged Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-05-16

The late arrival of GTX950-2G aka ‘GTX 950 Unplugged’ adds further value to the 1080p gaming segment which should be clearly evident from our analysis today.

The differential between this graphics card and other GTX 950s is the lack of any PCI express power connector. This distinguishing feature allows those with an aging computer system to still reap the benefits of a capable discreet graphics solution. The omission of a PCI express power connector and the significantly low power consumption of just 75W also means that system builders who are hitting the absolutely maximum values on their PSU can enjoy such graphics card too, because upgrading this type of product in such a scenario could mean a PSU upgrade is also mandatory – therefore GTX950-2G will alleviate a number of potential upgrade grievances.

Gamers can enjoy the same performance results with GTX950-2G as a reference GTX 950 would offer – most titles will run at 1080p with high detail presets at satisfying framerates. Since this card is entry-level and is specifically designed for the 1080p segment we deliberately tested this resolution; as highlighted, the GTX 950 is the next logical successor to the renowned GTX 750Ti. Those interested in wanting to squeeze even more performance out of this ASUS card will be pleased to know there is also headroom to overclock the GPU and memory clock speeds, which should assist with obtaining even higher framerates.

Some aftermarket coolers deliver on thermal performance but can be excessively noisy but we’re pleased to report the twin-fan configuration which ASUS have implemented on this card offers a good balance of low-noise and low-temperatures.

It’s difficult to identify any serious shortfalls with the ASUS GTX950-2G since it already builds on the success of the GTX 950 – the only which could be criticised is the physical design and styling. Although the card will pair up nicely with ASUS’ lineup of Z170 motherboards, configurations which are anything other than white/blue may spoilt an overall theme. So if for example you have a motherboard which has red or green heatsinks this card will look quite out of place, but such things may not even concern users who would simply rather focus on performance and functionality.

GTX950-2G arrives with a price-tag of £120 GBP / $160 USD, which places this card as one of the cheaper GTX 950s – great news for those wanting to bolster their 3D performance. Customers also benefit from a 2-year warranty with this card too, which is slightly more than some of the competition.

ASUS has brought to market an innovative graphics card in the GTX950-2G aka GTX 950 Unplugged. Not only is this GPU energy efficient but it also delivers practical solutions to a number of upgrade qualms.


+ Stylish design
+ Low-noise
+ Fairly low temperatures
+ Ideal for 1080p gaming
+ Doesn’t require PCI-E from PSU
+ Low power consumption
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 2-years warranty

- None!

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