ASUS Maximus VI Formula Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-08-13

Being a step-down from the Extreme, Formula model is usually a popular choice since it adopts similar characteristics but at a lower price-tag.

The new Maximus VI Formula is an innovative and feature-packed motherboard. Those who demand all the bells and whistles on their kit should certainly consider this offering as it is jam packed with features.

An initial look over the motherboard will have generate discussion due to the distinct out of the order but stunning ROG Armor. ASUS have furnished Formula with a protective cover on both the front and back side of the board in a bid to encourage better temperature control and to add protection. The ROG Armor actually holds the graphics card more upright because the floor of the board is raise, thus preventing it from leaning.

Throughout our testing we found the Formula to be a top-performer. It lead the way in benchmarks and consistently proved itself as a shining example. We also managed to attain great results when overclocking our Intel Core i7-4770K reaching 4.6GHz at 1.32v – usually we need more voltage for such a result. To achieve these results be used the UEFI BIOS which is one of our favourites out of the various choices offered by vendors. It’s easy to use and has options for casual or avid users.

The Formula motherboard has a feature-rich layout bringing support for up to 3000MHz DDR3 memory and helpful tools like Direct Key, LED Debug and Fast Boot to name but a few. Furthermore ASUS have equipped this motherboard with a mPCIe Bluetooth/WiFi module and connector which sits beside the rear IO ports so that the PCI slots can remain free to use.

We haven’t even mentioned the CrossChill at this point either and this particular feature is something which will diversify Formula as a top-pick within the Intel Z87 segment. By implementing such a feature on this motherboard, ASUS have given consumers the opportunity to go with water or air cooling later down the line because it has Hybrid functionality.

Priced at £247 the Maximus VI Formula is a step-up in price from the commonly selected mid-high end Z87 motherboards but is also a step-up in performance and feature-set. The added cost is justified due to the sheer features and quality at the consumer’s disposal.

ASUS push the boat out with the Maximus VI Formula. Every conceivable feature finds its way to a truly stunning masterpiece. Formula triumphed in our benchmark tests, demonstrating that it is a contender for the Z87 crown.

+ Looks stunning
+ Consistently great results
+ Easy to overclock
+ Advanced overclocking features
+ Hybrid CrossChill for water and air
+ ROG Armor offers protection and cooling
+ Smooth and feature rich UEFI BIOS
+ Numerous storage options
+ Equipped with premium audio solution
+ mPCIe Bluetooth/WiFi module

- Heavy

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