ASUS Maximus VII Impact Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20-11-14

2014 has been a great year for downsizing the computer system. Case manufacturers in particular are now loading their product ranges with condensed, miniature offerings for enthusiasts who prefer a smaller footprint. The Maximus VII Impact works in conjunction with this by being one of very few Mini-ITX motherboards which uses the Intel Z97 chipset and packs in a multitude of features for the small form factor.

The ROG series is well-known for innovative and performance related features and the Maximus VII Impact retains these qualities too even though It may be significantly smaller than its siblings. ASUS are to be commended for packing in so many features on such a condensed playing field – the layout and design has been carefully thought out and rather than omitting features, ASUS has been creative in delivering them in a slightly different way.

You’d be forgiven for believing that such a small motherboard would lack the high-performance of full-sized ATX counterparts but this isn’t so with Maximus VII Impact. Regardless of the benchmark, this motherboard excelled and demonstrated consistency throughout. We managed to achieve an outstanding overclock of 4.7GHz on this dainty little number – a milestone which even some top-end motherboards have struggled to attain. Impact also achieved this by using much lower voltages which in return gave us some impressive load temperatures too.

Maximus VII Impact is priced at £170 GBP / $239 USD - which is slightly lower than its predecessor at launch. Consumers would be right to point out that this is rather hefty for such a small piece of tech, but it’s important to remember all of the high-end features which are packed in and that there are few motherboards of this calibre touting the Mini-ITX from factor.

The Maximus VII Impact may be the smallest of the ROG motherboards but it doesn’t compromise on features. This motherboard is small and mighty – is packed with innovation as well as class leading performance and should be a top-pick for enthusiasts and gamers wanting to downsize.

+ Nice aesthetics
+ Decent number of accessories included
+ Excellent performance
+ Advanced overclocking features
+ Innovative features
+ WiFi ready
+ Easy to use and attractive BIOS

- Just four fan headers (including CPU fan)

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