ASUS ROG Gladius Review

👤by Kurtis Simpson Comments 📅19-06-15
What ASUS has done here with the ROG Gladius is something that will hopefully become a possibility within future iterations of upcoming products. Every aspect of customizability that the mouse offers is indeed interesting but it also feels limiting in some respects, and it's clear where this feature could have been adapted to other sections of the mouse. Body, side buttons, material choices and so on. A fully modular mouse. The ROG Gladius is a truly unique product and it certainly delivers on both form and function.

Fairly simple in its aesthetics, a steel-grey finish, Mayan-patterned grips, and a glowing ROG logo. The mouse does well in making itself standout against similar products from its competitors. While the detachable USB cable seems nothing more than a useless gimmick, it's still an excellent performer regardless. Where ASUS has taken a "No jokes, straight to business" approach to it's physical design, in-conjunction with its "Straight to the point" Armoury software, is where we feel it greatly succeeds in appealing to its audience.

Many manufacturers may listen to the feedback of their consumers and respond with a product that they feel will meet their needs. ASUS has extended upon this. Rather than just listening to what their consumers have to say and launching a product that should hopefully heed the call, they've also provided consumer choice in the matter.

Delivering on features that make sense that will without a doubt be taken advantage of by gamers. The ASUS ROG Gladius is available now for 54.99/$69.99.

Great in practice and comfortable to use, the ROG Gladius does away with tacked-on software features and delivers on performance.

- Bundles Switches
- Steel Grey Coating Gives Excellent Comfort
- Potential For Future Iterations

- Detachable USB Cable That Provides No Benefits

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