ASUS ROG Strix LC RX 6800 XT OC Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-01-21

We’ve seen graphics cards feature closed loop solutions before, but never have we seen one employed as well as the Strix LC. Not only does this entire package take a visual enhancement but the cooling figures are mightily impressive.

Up against other factory overclocked 6800 XT cards, the Strix LC will output similar performance. Although this is model is marked out as one of the fastest on paper, in reality this translates to slightly better performance. The bonus comes in that you are able to lift the GPU and memory clock speeds to significant heights – we managed to squeeze 15% out of the GPU clock speed alone.

Cooling is where this graphics card comes into its own. By isolating the GPU with a pump and 240mm radiator/fan combo we get exceptional thermal results, because the other minor components all have separate, designated cooling using the onboard heatsink and fan. Having such ferocious cooling does come at a cost though, the noise emitted bumps up compared to the conventional air-cooled graphics card, with the RPM climbing into 2000+ on the radiator fans.

The Strix LC will come in as one of the most expensive 6800 XTs on the market at $950 USD | £950 GBP | $1800 AUD but we are reminded that there are extras to pay for such as the water cooling system and additional headers at the end of the card. Admittedly, this card isn’t for everyone. There are cheaper models available which will serve a similar purpose but this particular model has all the bells and whistles and has ‘collectors’ status.

Offering an alternate approach to GPU cooling, the Strix LC not only looks spectacular, but it delivers on performance in more than one way!

+ Stunning visual design
+ The best cooling solution for 6800 XT
+ Impressive RGB lighting
+ Zero decibel tech for radiator fans
+ Features additional fan headers on card
+ Excellent gaming performance
+ Great at overclocking

- Adequate space inside computer case required for radiator
- Very expensive
- Pump cables could be concealed

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