ASUS ROG Strix RX 5600 XT Top Edition Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-02-20

This is the third RX 5600 XT that we’ve had the pleasure of taking a look at and we’ve been mightily impressed by what the ROG team has presented in this STRIX Top Edition.

While the slight nudge in clock speeds will only push in-game performance up by marginal figures, the Top Edition still comes out as the fastest option we’ve had on the test bench. This will therefore be the best competition that NVIDIA’s RTX 2060 has yet seen – this Top Edition can in some cases topple NVIDIA’s offering. So, it’s a superb graphics card for gamers who use 1080p resolution, want to crank up the detail preset to maximum and want the best possible frame-rates.

It’s easy to confuse any of the STRIX graphics cards because they all look pretty much identical in their appearance, but that isn’t a negative, these models all look stunning from a styling point of view. There is the added benefit of being able to fully customise the lighting via Aura Sync and even switch off the lighting altogether using a physical switch on the back of the card. ROG also include the extras we’ve seen before such as Fan Connect 2 headers and RGB headers at the end of the card to maximise on cooling and lighting.

The thermal design of the Max Contact cooler is worthy of high praise. The results in our thermal benchmark is testament to the prowess of this solution. It emits low-noise under load and offers some of the lowest temperatures possible thanks to the monstrous heatsink, thermal plate and triple cooling fans… but be warned, this graphics card is heavy and may need extra support if it is being mounted in the traditional method.

It’s no surprise that STRIX cards are often marked as notably more expensive than other graphics cards in the same series – they are almost always far from the base MSRP and the same can be said for this RX 5600 XT. It is priced at: USD $340 – AUD $629 - GBP £370. This is in the same price-range as some of the cheaper 5700 XTs and is in our opinion, too expensive. ASUS should consider re-thinking the price-tag on this Top Edition.

The STRIX RX 5600 XT Top Edition is a superb partner card. It delivers outstanding in-game and thermal performance – the price is just difficult to justify!

+ Refined, sleek aesthetic
+ Low-noise cooling solution
+ Decent thermal performance
+ Dual-Bios switch for lower noise
+ Excellent 1080p performance
+ Matches the RTX 2060 in performance

- Power efficiency could be better
- Heavy
- Same price as some 5700 XTs

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