ASUS ROG Strix Wireless Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-08-16

The ROG Strix Wireless came out hitting rather hard as it delivered on its promise of powerful, immersive gaming audio using a low-latency and reliable wireless connection. The dual antenna certainly impressed me, given that it gave an almost entirely uninterrupted playback experience while I took a walk into my garden while listening to music. The ROG Strix also has an advantage over the Razer ManO'War regarding cross platform compatibility, largely due to the inclusion of a 3.5mm jack and all the cables and accessories needed to function wired and wireless.

The Strix headset frame is made from good quality materials, we see the use of protein leather, edge stitching and memory foam. Though there is no escaping the creaking of the frame due to its bulky plastic design. The huge earcups do their job well in providing comfort and sound isolation, though I would prefer a slightly lower clamp force.

The audio quality is certainly more geared towards gaming considering its powerful booming bass, while the mid-highs slip into obscurity. Though this seems more to do with the audio processor ASUS have chosen to use, hinted at when we wired the ROG Strix Wireless to our soundcard. Some will enjoy the widened audio when you enable the virtual surround, though others that plan on using this headset with their Xbox One, or PS4 will be pleased to hear that it sounds better as a standard stereo headset anyway.

The battery life is, understandably (dual antenna, 60mm drivers etc.), shorter than other competitors. At first I thought this would be a minor point considering you can use the headset wired, but it turns out that the micro USB port is ONLY for charging and does not carry any data. Thus if you wish to charge and play at the same time, you will need to connect two cables. Inevitably defeating the object of a 'wireless' headset.

Now we come to consider the pricing and without beating it around the bush, it is significantly cheaper than the Razer ManO'War, (50/$70) You also get the added cross platform benefits. That being said, it still isn't cheap and doesn't really give much by way of improved audio quality over headsets half its price. So with this one, you need to be sure that you understand what you are investing in, and that is a decent cross platform gaming headset that has premium wireless technology installed.

Featuring premium wireless technology, you can be sure that the powerful gaming sounds being blasted in your ears will remain uninterrupted; at least until the battery runs out.

+ Aggressive gaming aesthetic
+ Large earcups
+ Good gaming audio
+ Flexible, detachable microphone
+ Can be used wired on any platform
+ Wireless PC/PS4
+ Dual antenna (stable wireless connection)
+ Good supporting software

- Comparatively short battery life
- Creaky plastic frame

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